How a company communicates tells you a lot about the company, the amount of information they provide can give insight into how congruent they are when claiming to be honest. When dealing with Email it is important to get permission to send an email. This is done through the double opt in method, whereby after a user signs up, they are only placed on the email list for confirmed users. This also confirms they are the person who has provided the email address. Sign up forms are often open to the public to submt any details. Knowing these details are correct through confirmation is always advisable.

Using the double opt in method requires having an autoresponder in place, there are a number of companies that provide these services and when building a platform for online success, having a strong email list of interested and engaged customers make for a more profitable business. When using other businesses it is a good idea to get an understanding of how they email their customers, this can be done by signing up for the newsletters and offers on their website and see how they respond. This can help give both insight into how you can send out emails and also if the business follows best practice when it comes to email.

Do you have good email practices? Can they be improved and worked upon?

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